Northern Sydney Property Management

Protecting and Promoting your Commercial Assets to optimise your ROI

Property Management

We employ a hands-on and personal approach to looking after your assets and forming professional, respectful and long term relationships with your tenants. We are multi-lingual, making communication more effective, and we understand and respect cultural differences in our dealing with tenants.

We use our large network of service providers to ensure that you get the best deal when maintenance and renovation work has to be done. We are constantly looking for ways to save you on outgoings, including electricity consumption, fire services and other safety inspections, garbage collection and shared facilities cleaning and maintenance. We facilitate insurance claims inspections and repairs.

Property Leasing

Our multi-lingual understanding of the needs of both landlords and tenants ensures that we find the best outcome for both parties.

We know the fringe-CBD Sydney market well and we pride ourselves on matching tenants needs with selected properties.

We have proven results with testimonials that can be provided by both landlords and tenants, on request. We achieve this recognition with realistic and honest expert advice.


We have a background in IT and can advise both landlords and tenants on tech issues relevant to their property or business operations.

We can advise on Internet of Things (IoT) applications in providing for more efficient premises. Smart building technology is poised to change the real-estate environment forever.

The practice of predictive maintenance is one of the advancements of the current decade. We're just on the cusp of the smart building environment, but as this technology continues to mature, smart buildings will become more compelling and practical.

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